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This Sample Pack contains 8 multi-hits at 5 velocity levels. 

It also includes flam hits, snare rim shots, side sticks and "snare off" hits. 


Each hit has "Mix" "Close mic only" "Close + Kit mics" "Ambient room mics only" variations, giving over 800 sample hits in this pack. 


We have lovingly and instinctively sampled our favourite rock drum sets in our studio one location. 


We have: 


Kick Drums: 

1970's USA Gretsch 24" Kick

1980's Ludwig 24" Kick 

1980's Yamaha 8000 22" Kick 

1990's Pearl 22" Kick 


Snare Drums: 

Ludwig Supraphonic 402 14" x 5"

Ludwig Black Beauty 14" x 6.5" 

Mapex Black Panther Maple 14" x 5.5" 

Mapex Black Panther Steel 14" x 5.5" 



Gretsch USA 13" Rack Tom (coated heads)

Gretsch USA 16" Floor Tom  (coated heads)

Gretsch USA 18" Floor Tom  (coated heads)


Yamaha 12" Rack Tom (Clear EQ heads) 

Yamaha 13" Rack Tom (Clear EQ heads) 

Yamaha 18" Floor Tom (Clear EQ heads) 


Pear 12" Rack Tom (Pinstripe heads) 

Pearl 13" Rack Tom (Pinstripe heads) 

Pearl 16" Floor Tom (Pinstripe heads) 



Recording Studio and set up: 

Each drum has been set up in our purpose built, treated live room in our "main drum" position, with dispersion & treatment for best results for a rock drum sound. 


Close mics & Channel lists: 

Kick in: Beyer m88 > Neve 1073 > Distressor 

Kick out: Neumann u47fet > Neve 8801 > Distressor 

Kick Sub: Solomon Sub Kick > Neve 1073 


Snare Top: Beyer m201 > Neve 1073 

Snare Top: AKG c451 > Neve 8801 

Snare Bottom: Josephson e22s > Neve 1073 


Toms Top: Josephson e22s > Neve 8801 

Toms Bottom: Josephson e22s > Neve 8801 


Overheads (Stereo) : 

STC/Coles 4038: Chandler TG channels x 2 > Urei La4 Compressors


Kit Mics 

Stereo AEA r88 mk2 Ribbon Microphone > AEA RQ3 

Telefunken ELAM 251 E Valve Microphone > Chandler TG Channel Strip 


Room Mics (Stereo): 

Royer 121 Mics at back of main room at 90 degrees to kit > Avalon 737 Channel strips


Echo Room Mics (Stereo) 

Placed in the echo room next to the main live room: 


DPA 4006a > Chandler Germanium Pre > Universal Audio 1176 Compressor 


Parallel Compressors: 


Universal Audio 1176s 

SPL Transient Designer: 



Recording Equipment: 


Pro Tools HDX w/ Apogee Symphony Mkii converter. 


Samples mixed on Solid State Logic 4000 g/g+ Console with dynamics, EQ & 2 Buss Compressor Applied. 

Start Together Studio 1 - Rock Drums Sample Pack

SKU: 009
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