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Even when we're not mixing on our analog console or bouncing to tape machines, our experience and instinct can help your mixes come together to feel complete, competitive and creatively perfected. 


We mix in Pro Tools HDX Ultimate, employing a collosal collection of plug ins from Soundtoys, UAD, Valhalla, Waves, Plug-in Alliance, McDSP and many more that we've grown to love for certain parts of our process over the years. 


We have purpose-built, treated mix studios with professional monitoring and focused work environments to get the best results. 


We've mixed all sorts of genres including rock, pop, indie, punk, metal, hip hop, EDM, country, folk, acoustic, classical, opera and genres we can't even describe. 


Each mix will include a mastered and unmastered final version, as well as instrumental and a capella mixes. 


One round of mix revisions are included in the price, which we can discuss and plan ahead of completion. 


ITB Mixing (per song)

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