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Printing your stems on our SSL 4000 g / g+ series console. 

We can apply dynamics & EQ using our judgement, or based on your instructions if preferred. 


We can also submix your stems and print to our Studer a80 1/4" analog tape machine. 


Analog Stem Printing (per song)

  • Each song must have a maximum of 8 separate mono or stereo stems. 

    All stems must be balanced to allow playback at unity gain and all have a "zero starting point." Files should be WAV 24 bit and at 44.1Khz / 48Khz / 88.2 Khz / 96Khz sample rate. 48Khz is preferred, but we are happy to accommodate whatever you need. 

    We will return files in same sample rate. 

    We will also supply a summed Stereo Mix of your stems. 

    We can also provide a Tape Print of the Stereo Mix if required. You can add this as an additional option. 


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