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Full Mix of your song using our SSL4000 g/g+ analog mixing console, ATC monitoring, outboard FX including Tube-Tech, Neve, Roland Space Echo, Spring Reverbs & More. 


We will schedule mixes within 10 days of booking. If you have an urgent deadline, please contact us to discuss. We're happy to accommodate whenever possible. 


Mixes include a free master, if required. 


Please provide your individual tracks clearly named and numbered with all stems at a "zero start point." Do not include any tracks that you do not wish to be part of the mix, unless clearly labelled in a separate folder. 


Where possible keep Mono tracks mono, stereo tracks in stereo and commit any FX that you feel are essential.


Where possible, please also provide "dry" vocal tracks in addition to any effected vocal tracks. 

Please also provide clean "DI" guitar / bass tracks where possible and suitable. 


Mixes include 1 round of client revisions. We are happy to chat on Zoom ahead of / during these revisions. 


We will also have a quick consultation ahead of commencing mix work in your preferred method of communication, email, whatsapp, Zoom or phonecall. 



Analog Mixing (per song)

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